7 Episodes

Nick is a high school student like everyone else, he lives his life in peace until he meets a strange guy. Nick will open his eyes to his past and is the only one who can save humanity from evil.

  • Start

    Episode 1

    Nick has just started school and is invited to a party where he ends up drunk with Leonard. On the way home, Nick meets a strange guy, a seemingly normal boy, who hides a dark secret.

  • Good Blood Doesn't Lie

    Episode 2

    Nick starts having strange dreams. He meets the ambiguous guy again who tells him that he just wants to help, and if he doesn't help him, Nick risks turning evil.

  • Hidden Secrets

    Episode 3

    Nick is ready for his first mission, in the fight an Assyrian mentions his father, nick begins to have doubts and uses the Overtrax to get into his memories.

  • Plagiarism

    Episode 4

    The Overtrax helmet has created problems within Nick's mind. He has visions of his parents, and his father warns him of Bahir's true intent.

  • Et Pater Filium

    Episode 5

    Bahir is kidnapped and Nick trains Leonard to get him into the fraternity. Amber warns her comrades about Bahir's kidnapping. Nick searches for answers by breaking into the Overtrax, what he discovers will change the fate of the journey.

  • Dues in Terra

    Episode 6

    The end approaches. Nick and Bahir find an old relic that has the power to stop their father from the future end of the world.

  • The Beginning is the End

    Episode 7

    The day of the fight has come. Nick is looking for a way to develop mental power in time. The father has already started the portal. Everything is now in the hands of the team. Everything is in Nick's hands!