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The Queenslander

Up Next in Season 01

  • The Homestead

    The third episode investigates the style of probably the most romantic form of Australian house. As we learn from Palladian Camden Park the initial impulse was to build ìcountry homesî that replicated the fashions and the assertions of a class system.

  • The Weekender

    Up until now, the houses weíve looked at were all meant as permanent residences. But, as the Labour Movement agitated for fair working conditions, including paid holidays and the five day week, leisure was on peopleís minds.

  • Episode 5

    Beginning with the ìFather of Federationî, and Australiaís second Prime Minister, Alfred Deakinís Federation Bungalow ìBallaraî, Episode Five tells the story of the optimism and confidence that powered the movement to make Australia an independent nation.