Call The Experts

Call The Experts

5 Episodes

Rich and Danny, two of London's youths decide to go into business together offering any and all services throughout London. With no experience in any of the jobs they take on, they find themselves getting mixed up with the wrong sort of person.

Call The Experts
  • Pilot

    Episode 1

    Danny is dragged into Rich's new business venture offering any and all services throughout London.

  • Sweet

    Episode 2

    Spencer hires Rich and Danny to deliver a parcel to the other side of London.

  • A Hard Egg to Crack

    Episode 3

    Rich and Danny are hired to sell cars for the day while Spencer is confronted by Egg after not delivering on his end of the deal.

  • Fool's Gold

    Episode 4

    Rich does some dodgy deals before starting work in a West End Theatre, meanwhile, Egg is attending his anger management sessions.

  • A Bad Egg

    Episode 5

    Rich and Toby aim to deal with Egg whilst Danny and Spencer try to keep to the business afloat.