• Riches

    Riches is a documentary film that explores faith between two cultures. It follows a Christian mission team on their trip to Zambia in 2016 and was shot on location in Ndola, Zambia.

    Riches was produced by Keith Smith and Bryan Lomax. It was directed by Bryan Lomax and features music from Paul Sa...

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  • Runaway Hearts


    Two kids on the run from a very scary present come across two adults who can't quite escape their past. They're four people in need of a miracle, and sometimes the miracles in life are the very people whose paths you cross.

  • By God's Grace


    In the tradition of a classic Christmas Carol, this film offers many lessons on the importance of giving and the cause and effect our choices have on others.

  • A Box of Faith


    After her mother dies and her dad is imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, 16-year-old Dior is forced to live on the streets. Ms. Ward, a social worker, makes it her mission to track down the wily teen, who manages to stay a step ahead.