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  • Nevada Women's Film Festival

    4 videos

    The Nevada Women's Film Festival is part of a growing consciousness-raising movement happening in the movie world and our greater culture. We are witnessing a slow but steady awakening to the failures of the industry to properly represent women. We believe that change begins by awareness. At NWF...

  • Nevada Film Office

    14 videos

    The Nevada Film Office provides a variety of resources and support for hundreds of productions annually. From film and television to music and video games and many other multimedia projects, the NFO can assist with any questions you may have or special requirements you may need. If your product...

  • Ellas

    A tribute to women victims of violence

  • Escape From Las Vegas


    Las Vegas is about to be imploded. The president's daughter has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom somewhere inside the remains of Sin City. Snake Plissken has been sent in to find her and get her out before time runs out.

  • The Last Straw

    Short Film_The Last Straw

  • Stomach of the Earth


    In an objective landscape of stretching trees and wild nature deep within the Southeast American woods, Stomach of the Earth focuses on two climate refugees surviving separately, with civilization in the rearview mirror. One a nomadic hunter, trudging her way through miles of nature-reclaimed woo...

  • Wilderness Quest


    A teen’s solo journey through a spiritual rite of passage tragically changes the trajectory of his life. Wilderness Quest shines light on the connection between social anxiety and bullying, which are two very important topics that are prevalent in today's society. This movie is meant to spread aw...

  • Cut Off


    A teen navigates a new reality during a global pandemic.

    The short film CUT OFF depicts the four stages of quarantine: denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. Each stage is shown through the emotional colors of yellow, red, grey, and blue.

    This film is about loss and coping with a new realit...

  • The Membrane


    A kid drops his new glasses in an open manhole on the street. He climbs the drain down to get them before the parents notice, but finds in the sewer a place in which, maybe, he can be happier than on the surface. He will stay down there for many years…

  • Come Down


    The film is set in a future city consumed by rave music. The inhabitants of the dystopian world are constantly exposed and enforced to listen to repetitive and heavy bass music, and encouraged to continually take substances to enhance their experience in this environment.

    Joe is an inhabitant of...