L.A Macabre

L.A Macabre

2 Seasons

Three filmmakers interview a former member of the defunct cult "The New Family" leading them down a path of mystery, kidnapping, and murder.

L.A Macabre
  • Barrels in the Desert

    Episode 1

    Callie, a former member of the defunct cult "The New Family", agrees to a series of interviews for their show, "L.A. Macabre". After the first episode airs an antagonistic force begins to harass Callie. Has exposing her past life come back to haunt her?

  • Creepy Crawling

    Episode 2

    Ryan and Jamie become more concerned when Colin and Callie go ìCreepy Crawling," an old Manson family practice. As Colin digs deeper into the cult practice of psychological programming, Ryan wonders if Callie is exerting influence over Colin.

  • In a Barrel

    Episode 3

    After a video surfaces online of Ryan, Jamie, and Colin being "Creepy Crawling," Ryan calls his friend J.P. to track down the source of the uploads.