Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour

Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour

11 Episodes

"Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour" is the vein of ìThe Twilight Zoneî, ìAlfred Hitchcock Presentsî and "Tales from the Crypt" intertwining mysterious tales of thrills, intrigue, sex, and murder!

Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour
  • Say No More

    Episode 1

    A teenaged boy and his friends accidentally kill a mysterious girl on a lonely dirt road. But when one of them threatens to confess, he realizes he must kill again to preserve his secret.

  • Last Night, Tonight and Tomorrow

    Episode 2

    When a dysfunctional family reunites for Thanksgiving, they are joined by the long-lost son of their matriarch, whose mental health may or may not be behind a series of ghastly deaths.

  • The Last Confession

    Episode 3

    A widower sends his foster sons to boarding school after his ex-hooker girlfriend is murdered. Years later, he is presumed dead in a conflagration and his now grown sons return to the family homestead, setting in motion a new wave of homicide.

  • Final Exam

    Episode 4

    Death stalks a college campus as the elite top-five members of its graduating class are systematically run over and killed by a dimly seen assailant driving a 1989 Buick Riviera.

  • Vendetta By Numbers

    Episode 5

    The girlfriends-former, current and prospective-of college student Rick are being systematically murdered by a serial killer who taunts the local police department with bizarre phone calls.

  • Kill and Kill Again

    Episode 6

    When a woman goes missing, a psychic working with the police department is enlisted to help locate her. After her vision proves too revealing, she is herself murdered, leading to a dangerous investigation.

  • Three, Two, One

    Episode 7

    Harrowing tale of a loan shark who is robbed of $150,000 by a prostitute, whom he later follows to a remote cottage where she is spending the weekend with friends.

  • The Damned Die Naked

    Episode 8

    A young man, victimized by a sadistic baby sitter as a child, is driven to commit a series of horrific murders as he slowly recalls the events of his past

  • The Crimson Urge

    Episode 9

    The lonely woods of a small town is the setting for this harrowing tale involving a family who finds themselves terrorized by a psychotic killer whose specialty is women with red hair.

  • The Things We Did Last Summer

    Episode 10

    Sex, murder and mystery combine in this provocative entry, in which the summer employees of a small country resort are being killed off by an unseen hand.

  • Web of the Black Widow

    Episode 11

    A man steals a truckload of narcotics and sells them to a local godfather, only to find his wife has been kidnapped and is being ransomed and tortured for the money he was paid.