10 Episodes

An anthology of stories following the lives of different mothers.

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  • Mom Wars feat. Sumukhi Suresh - Girliyapa M.O.M.S

    Episode 1

    On an open day at school, Mrs. Shah and Mrs. Sharma get into a verbal clash on whose kid is the best. What happens next? You find out.

  • Maa Ke Haath Mein Steering - Girliyapa M.O.M.S

    Episode 2

    Inspired by her daughter Nikki's driving skills, Nikki's mother decides to learn to drive her husband's car. With Nikki putting sincere efforts to teach, what starts off as an exciting driving lesson, soon turns into a chaos of family matters. Will she learn to drive? Watch the video and find out

  • Sherlock Moms - The Invisible Boyfriend - Girliyapa M.O.M.S

    Episode 3

    Our moms are no less than the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes for us. We are all accustomed to her being inquisitive about our lives. She wants to know whom we hang out with, who we talk to, why the room is not clean, why there is a new gift on the table and also if there is a new special one in...

  • Maa Ki Solo Trip feat. Srishti Shrivastava - Girliyapa M.O.M.S

    Episode 4

    Moms know everything. But what if your mom wants to be the Julia Roberts of Eat, pray and love? Or the Kangana of Queen? Watch what happens when Nikki's mom announces that she is going solo to Thailand without her usual travel guardian she always had to follow - her husband. Left to her own devic...

  • If Moms Behaved Like Government Employees feat. Vibha Chibber- Girliyapa M.O.M.S

    Episode 5

    Happy Mother's Day! We know moms to be caring, loving and overprotective towards their children. They are known to leave no stone unturned to fulfill their child's wishes and demands. On the other hand, government employees are known to be mean, lazy and rude at times too. Now, imagine the two wo...

  • Kuch Kuch Socha Hai feat. Kajol & Srishti Shrivastava - Girliyapa M.O.M.S

    Episode 6

    It’s been 20 years since Karan Johar delighted us with a happy ending in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. But did the happiness really last? With time a lot has possibly changed in Rahul and Anjali's house. Maybe Rahul actually turned out to be a cheater, maybe Aman actually stayed unmarried forever, if you k...

  • Maa Ke Haath Mein Tinder feat. Sheeba Chaddha, Ahsaas Channa and Jizzy

    Episode 7

    Minty is excitedly getting ready to meet her Tinder date. Little does she know that a petty argument over the scooty with her brother Montu would snowball into an awkward conversation explaining Tinder to her Mom.

  • Mom, Dadi Aur Period - Girliyapa M.O.M.S

    Episode 8

    Periods have always been a taboo in India. We've all had to follow customs and traditions that isolate us from the rest of humanity for during our periods. In fact, some people are even afraid to say 'periods' in public. In all of this, young girls are usually not aware of what's happening to the...

  • Maa Ke Haath Mein Tattoo feat. Sheeba Chadha, Ahsaas Channa & Rajendra Chawla

    Episode 9

    It’s Minty’s parents’ anniversary and Minty’s mom has a surprise - or rather a shock planned for her Dad. She is getting a tattoo! Minty’s Dad tries his best to ridicule her decision but to no avail. Will mom get her tattoo done, if yes then will she be able to pick a design? Watch how this hilar...

  • Indian Moms During Board Exams feat. Puja Swaroop & Khushbu Baid

    Episode 10

    Have you ever noticed a dramatic change in your mom's behavior during exams? And how it is at its peak when it comes to boards! It's not only students who burn the midnight oil, but moms too. So, we wish you and your mom a happy exam season and all the best!!