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Watch this video and more on Eclipse 24/7

The Congolese


Up Next in Season 1

  • The Italians

    Sean Connolly is invited to the Pacialeo familyís annual tomato bottling weekend. The proud patriarch of the family, Uncle Antonio, guides Sean through the elaborate process.

  • The Chinese

    The 5th of April 2009 is Ching Ming, the time of year when Chinese families gather at the cemetery to pay respect to their ancestors. Sean Connolly meets the Yip family who, after visiting the cemetery every year, gather at Eileen & Newman Yipís home.

  • The Mandaean Iraqis

    Sean Connolly meets the Abboud Al-Suhairy family who fled persecution in Iraq to live in Australia. Largely overlooked in history books, Mandaens are a pre-Christian minority religion of ancient Baptists.