Our Opportunity

Our Opportunity

Our Opportunity is a community facing organization focused on spreading economic opportunity throughout inner cities via direct engagement and impact. Our objective is to identify and implement grassroots initiatives that work locally and scale them nationally.

Rappers and athletes are disproportionately the biggest influences on inner-city kids, still. Fortunately, a lot of them are making moves like business and thought leaders so our kids are being pushed to think more broadly than sports and entertainment.
That being said; there are other paths that need to be socialized and made to feel accessible to our kids. Careers in finance, engineering, real estate, media, tech to name a few...

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Our Opportunity
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    David Gross, CEO of Our Opportunity sits down with the owners of Eclipse Theaters to discuss the success and challenges of building the only black-owned luxury theater complex in the country. Owners, Nic Steele and Rodney Chichester provide a glimpse into the operations of Eclipse Theaters and t...

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    There may be people as loved by their city, but there’s no one more loved by their city than @drose. Born and raised on the South Side, but beloved by all of Chicago. I got to see it first hand while