Paragon: The Shadow Wars

Paragon: The Shadow Wars

6 Episodes

In a world where Reapers take souls and demons bargain with humans for their place among the food chain, a new descendent named Jael has emerged to stop Death's plan to reset the world.

Paragon: The Shadow Wars
  • The Awakening

    Episode 1

    When an unsuspecting girl (Jael) awakens in purgatory, the entire world is thrown into disarray.

  • Two Shadows

    Episode 2

    Jael discovers her powers have become more than she bargained for and she is at risk of endangering the only person she can remember, her sister. Meanwhile the Faction is planning on discovering what new Reaper has tipped the balance amongst the Ancients.

  • The Overseers

    Episode 3

    Jael and Zion race against time in Japan to stop a nefarious plot to destroy the world.

  • Being Human

    Episode 4

    The High Order attempts to eradicate the first descendant in an attempt to obtain the map to the Elysium.

  • Ascension

    Episode 5

    Jael misses her chance to return to her normal life as Zion discovers the High OrderĂ­s true plan to create a new world out of the Elysium.

  • The Shadow Wars Begin

    Episode 6

    Kalypso has made it to the Elysium fields and is planning on resetting the world. Jael must stop her at all costs or mankind as we know it is doomed.