Share Your Scare

Share Your Scare

7 Episodes

Have you ever had a paranormal experience or heard something go "Bump in the Night"? In this spine-tingling series hosted by internationally renowned Psychic Medium Valentina Lomborg, we will sit down and listen to real experiences.

Share Your Scare
  • Black Cloud

    Episode 1

    A family has an experience with a black ominous cloud that none of them can explain and feel threatened by what could be poltergeist activity.

  • Bloody Fetus

    Episode 2

    Paranormal investigators encounter a victorian-era ghost and a shocking apparition of a floating, bloody, baby fetus.

  • Haunted House

    Episode 3

    Shattering glass, lights turning off and ghosts manifesting all over the house. A family haunting that could make you think twice about moving in.

  • The Passing

    Episode 4

    A cop of 25 years has numerous experiences that involve the deceased and another with two mischievous spectres that manifest themselves in a pub.

  • It Follows

    Episode 5

    Have you ever been on a Haunted Tour? In this episode a young woman has an encounter with a spirit that follows her home and gives her the scare of her life.

  • A Father's Love

    Episode 6

    A Monopoly car and a gold coin? A deceased father makes an effort to stay in contact with his daughter in some unique and unusual ways.

  • Demonic Lust

    Episode 7

    A psychic medium has a disturbing experience with an incubus demon which causes our very own host to open up and describe how in the past she herself was sexually abused by the same type of entity.