The Ave

The Ave

6 Episodes

The Ave centers around inspiring entrepreneurs' lives, operating a secretive check defrauding business while trying to rise above the gritty streets of Brooklyn, New York.

The Ave
  • Hit With Reality

    Episode 1

    Nate tries to pick up pieces of his life by reconnecting with his family. At the same time, Keith and Quan are under pressure from Rolanda.

  • Preperation is Key

    Episode 2

    Nate attempts to move forward after the death of Sean Watkins, with his real estate goals hanging from the deep end.

  • Threatening The Throne

    Episode 3

    A new threat leaves Nate to do the unthinkable toward his own camp. Ed comes to terms with his father's final stages of life.

  • Enemies Are Plotting

    Episode 4

    After learning more about Sergio's whereabouts, Ed now has to secure his father's throne from outsiders. At the same time, Keith confronts Nate about DJ's death and his loyalty.

  • A Sudden Suprise

    Episode 5

    Nate fights to fix his estranged marriage, but the only way he could is by revealing his and Stacy's love affair.

  • Playing For Keeps: The Season Finale

    Episode 6

    Stacy plots for revenge as Nate tries to save himself from destruction.