The Struggle

The Struggle

5 Episodes

Shane Anderson's glass is always half full. He is determined to make this year his last year as a ride-share driver. One hilarious trip at a time, Shane drives his outrageous passengers to their destinations.

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The Struggle
  • A Wild Ride

    Episode 1

    Join Shane as he goes on a Wild Ride in Ride Sharing. Will things ever be normal?

  • My One Day Homies

    Episode 2

    Why do some people think that because I give them a ride, we are "Homies"?

  • Baby Bro

    Episode 3

    There is something about being the older brother.

  • Make America Great Again

    Episode 4

    Join the guys as they figure out what is going on in the new theme of politics.

  • You Driver's Suck

    Episode 5

    Oh boy, can someone please use their blinker? Not cut me off one inch from my hood? Drive in the wrong lane?