Voyage of the Chimera

Voyage of the Chimera

7 Episodes

His father's estate on the brink of ruin, young, inexperienced aristocrat Marcus DeVol takes command of the patched-together starship Chimera in a last attempt to restore his status by running down pirates and blacklisted vessels for prize money.

Voyage of the Chimera
  • Chimera

    Episode 1

    Just a few hours out of port, the Chimera encounters a blacklisted freighter, offering Marcus and his crew their first chance at prize money.

  • Education

    Episode 2

    Despite his initial success, Marcus DeVol remains sullen. Caught between his Exec and the advisor sent along with them by his father, Marcus prepares to open his orders, which will provide specifics for his mission.

  • Fortune

    Episode 3

    The Chimera's crew has a very different reaction to their prize, and Marcus briefs his officers on the true nature their mission.

  • Transition

    Episode 4

    The search for the White Ship begins, as the Chimera makes it's uncertain passage to the remote Prentiss system.

  • Apprehension

    Episode 5

    Based on an intercepted communication, Marcus has decided to head out-system, into the empty blackness of space, to areas where no one travels unless they are trying to hide.

  • Limbo

    Episode 6

    The crew of Chimera begins to doubt their mission, none more so than Marcus himself, as they journey fruitlessly, further and further into an unending empty void.

  • Abyss

    Episode 7

    Marcus' desperate search has at last brought about a tangible result... but a surprise may await them in the blackness.