• Side Chick

    8 videos

    Side Chick introduces us to Lynn, a millennial woman trying to navigate her feelings for an engaged man, James. Full of surprising twists and turns, this web series will have you hooked.

  • African Dream

    7 videos

    Get ready to be inspired to live the African Dream with episodes featuring accomplished entrepreneurs

  • Black Boots

    15 videos

    Freshman Grant is fascinated with joining a certain fraternity on his campus. But will the pledging process, chapter secrets and a campus scandal break his will to be apart of an organization he has always revered?

  • Dirty Money

    1 season

    When life tends to hit you, you go into crisis mode. when these millennials need / want money, they go to a different length in order to get it...

  • Wingmen
    1 season


    1 season

    Friends navigate the bar scene for the answers to their relationship problems! Season 1 follows Theo as he encounters friends, new and old, all while helping them find love at the bar. This is our introduction season to give the viewers a look at the unique relationships of men and how they inter...

  • NAPS
    1 season


    1 season

    Maya, a Black millennial woman fresh out of college and aspiring writer/director tries to adult through the everyday mess of life while also managing her natural hair.

  • The Badchelors

    1 season

  • Him.Her.Her.Him

    1 season

    A web series about making marriage work one day at a time.